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Thursday, May 26, 2005

in the press (again): changes to the advertising and media landscapes

Some articles about shifts to new media:
  • the nytimes warns advertising agencies that clients are faster in adopting to new advertising opportunities (online being only one option) than the regular ad agency. Disappointing for agencies - they also state the while agencies used to push clients, it's now the other way around...
  • The WSJ warns the new media not to loose grip in keeping up with new developments. They state examples of yahoo having lost out to Google, Netscape to MS, Yahoo and Google, etc. Message: always stay on top...
  • The Times Online states that AEGIS, a media buyer, sees big shifts of media budgets moving online.
Reading this and other articles in the past, the new media is gaining ground. First, because advertisers need alternatives to classical advertising, secondly, because they can save big money by going online.
Good for us.


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